I know its not wine, but it deserves a glass!

The 3 Peaks certainly was a challenge and have an extremely sore knee and sore muscles to prove, stairs are showing me problems! We were in a group of 7, I walked mostly with a guy called Dave as we had the same pace on. He did 3 Triathlons last year! Brave man. We set off […]

Puxton Park Wedding Show Success

Here’s a couple of photos, minus the crowds (it was early) from Puxton Park Wedding Show that we attended on Thursday 16th September. We had a successful show with numerous enquires and both for our wedding wine service and also home wine tasting parties. We’ll be attending the Cadbury House Wedding Exhibition on Sunday 3rd […]

The Winner Is…

Thank you to the Hairdressers and Health & Beauty salons that have kindly put the Wine Tasting Co. promotional material out for their customers. The winner of the bottle of Sparkling Wine is Headlines in Worle High Street, Somerset. More winners will be advertised in the next edition of the news letter.

Step 3 Umm..Tasting

This is where we see that drinking is different to tasting, drinking is natural whereas tasting is a skill and as with anything, practice makes perfect! Firstly lets look at the tongue and where we can detect certain basic elements. At the back in the middle we detect bitterness, the sides towards the back is […]

Where have all the Tasting Notes gone?

You may wonder why I haven’t posted any tasting notes for a while. I do appolgise for this but I have been tee total for the last 2 weeks as I’m off to do the 3 Peaks Challenge this weekend. I thought I would have had a 2 week rest as part of my training. Never fear […]

North Somerset Wedding Show

The Wine Tasting Co will be at the North Somerset Wedding Show that is being held at Puxton Park on Thursday 16th September 6.30 -9.00pm. Pop along say hello try some wine, we look forward to seeing you there. http://www.northsomersetweddingshow.co.uk/

Oatley Vineyard

One sunny Sunday my partner Matthew and I went out for a drive to Watchet and Dunster both very pretty places and I would highly recommend a visit. On our drive just outside Bridgwater heading south towards Cannington we saw a small white wooden sign advertising a vineyard. We decided to pop in on our […]

Monday Morning Moment

“Gentleman, in the little moment that remains to us between the crisis and the catastrophe, we may as well drink a glass of Champagne” Paul Claudel (1868-1955)

Step 2 – Nosing the Wine

It is often thought that the smelling of the wine is the most important aspect of assessing the wine To ensure you get the best out of your wine swirl it around the glass to allow the aromas and character of the wine to open up. What your looking for are faults such as cork […]