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This is The Wine Tasting Co. blog page, here you will find regular updates on what we’ve been up to and interesting points of discussion, read on.

whisky tasting marlowe

World of Whisky – Friday 24th May

I’m really excited to welcome whiskey guru Marlowe Harris. In this masterclass, Marlowe Harris, the whisky ambassador of Amathus will show of the rare  and craft whiskies from around the world. The tasting will showcase whiskies made with different grains, barrel aging techniques and the terroir of the distilleries and aging facilities where the whiskies […]

choc and wine

Chocolate and Wine Tasting – Friday 1st March

These are two of my favourite things and I’m sure I’m not alone. We have teamed up with Christophers Chocolates to bring you an evening which will be a taste sensation. We will be tasting through a range of Christophers handmade chocolates and pairing them with a selection of wines, to show that the delicious […]

Help – Count Down to the Arrival of the Family!

Dear Santa, Thanks again for taking the time to read this being so close to Christmas! In fact a week today is Christmas day…. As you know the whole family are coming to us and of course that includes the Mother and the Mother in Law.. eek! So I need to get some last minute gifts, […]

choc and wine

Chocolate and Wine Matching Friday 1st March

These are two of my favourite things and not sure why I haven’t done this before! We will be looking at the wonderful world of chocolate and pairing the different styles to wine. Blowing the myth away that chocolate doesn’t go with wine! Of course it does. So, if you are like me and love […]

1 valentines and bubbles

Sparkling Wine Tasting – Thursday 14th February

If you love bubbles in your wine, you’ll love this. In this tasting we will be going through the fascinating world of bubbles, from the fresh zesty style of sparkling wine right through to rich vintage Champagne. Learn how bubbles are created in your wine, and who really discovered bubbles, was it the French or […]

Whats hot for xmas

Help, the family are coming!

Dear Santa, Thank you for taking the time to read my last letter found here and thank you for reading this one too! As you know, I have the family coming this Christmas and I need help with presents and what to drink over the festive period. I went to the Winscombe Late Night Opening […]

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Top 20 Wines for Christmas 2018

It is really tough to pick just 20 stand out wines for Christmas. The following list are a range of classics perfect for Christmas. Wines that have been consistently chosen by you throughout the year at tastings and wines I have found this year that I think are just stunning. Along side the top 20 […]

christmas white

The family is coming I need help!

Dear Santa, Thank you for taking the time to read my letter, I have the whole family coming to us this year and I need help! I’ve been to the The Wine Shop and they have some great gift ideas as well as making sure we have all the drinks covered. I feel we need to start […]


Baffled by Bordeaux? Not any more!

Written By Diana Lyalle Expensive they might be, but it is easy to find out about the Grand Cru Classé and Cru Bourgeois wines of Bordeaux.  Wine commentators galore give tasting notes on each and every vintage, so if you can find one whose palate matches your own, you can buy with confidence.  But for […]