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Diana aldwick cheese

Bacchus v Cheese: Wedded Bliss or War of the Worlds?

Written by Diana Lyalle Declaration of Interest: I probably picked the grapes from which the featured wine was made! Grape harvesting at Aldwick Court Farm & Vineyard is always fun (unless it is cold and/or wet, obviously).  And it gets even better when the wine made with the grapes we harvested is ready for release – […]


Spirits and Cocktail Masterclass – Friday 10th November

It is common knowledge that the Queen is quite partial to a vermouth and the Queen mother enjoyed her gin and vermouth. We just so happen to work with the Royal families trusted wine merchant and have invited them to the Wine Shop to host a masterclass in spirits. Ruairidh who has an extensive knowledge […]


5th Birthday Wine Shop Re Fit

In celebration of our 5th Birthday at The Wine Shop, Winscombe we decided to give the shop a make over, with new windows, flooring, tasting bench and lightening! Work started Sunday morning 8am and finished Thursday 11.30pm… A full on 5 days for our 5th birthday. Thank you to all that helped especially builders Harley […]

richard johnson

Meet Thatchers Cider Maker – Thursday 2nd November

Introducing Richard Johnson, Thatchers cider maker who is coming to host a masterclass in apples and cider production. Somerset has a long heritage with cider production however do you know one apple variety to another and what flavour characterises each one gives? Do you know why Somerset is so good at the production of apples […]